How to Stay Motivated

Sometimes it is hard to get up and going. People tend to get bored and at times can get a little lax on the things that they need to do. People may lose motivation from time to time. There are some ways that a person can get motivated and can stay motivated to get things accomplished.

Find a Mantra

A mantra is a saying or a quote that can help a person get and stay motivated. Different quotes will work for different people so a person should use one they are comfortable with and describes their ways to thinking. It should help them get motivated no matter what. Some mantras that have been shown to work for people include “ You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” , “ I can except failure but I cannot accept not trying.” And “ I am the master of my own destiny.” These mantras will help a person get up and get moving.

Remember the Peaks

 There are some moments when a person does succeed in life. When times get tough they need to remember the times of success. This will help a person get going. A peak time is when a person felt like they were o n top of the world and they were fulfilled. When times get tough and a person feels like they can no longer deal with things they need to remember these times and use them for motivation.

Become Active

 While many people dread exercising it is good for not only the body but the spirit as well. A person will notice that they will have more energy and will have the motivation to get up and get things accomplished. Exercise will allow a person to get their self confidence back and will get them more physically active.

Avoid a Slump

 Before a person gets demotivated they should be aware of the signs. This will help prevent them from falling into a slump. If a person does not feel like do something they should do it anyway. This will prevent them from making excuses and make sure they do not fall into an inactive slump.

Find Daily Motivations

 To keep going a person should think about what motivates them on a daily basis. This will allow a person to want to get out of bed in the morning and to get things accomplished. This is one of the best advice given to me by my uncle Austin from plumber johns creek .  A daily reminder will also allow a person to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Set Small Goals

 Many people just look at their long term goals. A person needs to break these goals down into small steps. They should have weekly goals as well as monthly goals. When a person accomplishes something they should congratulate themselves on a job that is well done and chart the progress towards the long term goal.

These are just some of the things that a person can do to stay motivated. Staying active and staying alert will help improve a person’s quality of life and keep them from losing their motivation and their focus.

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